Testo 865

The testo 865 thermal imager combines all the important properties required for high-quality thermographic measurement – it is accurate, robust, fast and reliable.

Testo 868

The testo 868 thermal imager is characterized by its professional measuring performance and its easy handling. It has the best thermal image quality in its class, an integrated digital camera and impressive smart functions.

Testo 871

The testo 871 thermal imager combines high infrared resolution with professional measuring performance and easy handling.

Testo 872

The testo 872 thermal imager gives you the best possible support for your work in professional industrial and building thermography.

Testo 875-1i

The testo 875-1i thermal imager means even the smallest temperature differences can be seen with a thermal sensitivity of < 50 mK. You can create real images with the built-in digital camera and assign these to the thermal images.

Testo 882

The testo 882 IR Camera is the most precise one-hand thermal imaging camera with pistol grip design from Testo. Special measuring modes including moisture image or high temperature option make it ideal for a wide variety of different applications.

Testo 885-2

The high resolution thermal camera testo 885-2 is excellently equipped for both professional industrial and building thermography.

Testo 890-1

Testo 890-1 infra red camera offers best in class precision and image quality. The testo 890 high-end series successfully meets the thermographic challenges in professional industrial thermography and building thermography. 

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