Testo 805

Non-contact surface temperature measurements in food sector

Testo 826 –T4

The testo 826-T4 infrared penetration thermometer allows quick temperature scans by means of infrared measurement without damaging the products.

Testo 831

The testo 831 food infrared temperature thermometer allows you to carry out quick and precise temperature measurements of whole pallets of food and smaller products from a distance.

Testo 830 –T1

The testo 830-T1 infrared temperature gun allows efficient, non-contact surface temperature measurements to be carried out.

Testo 830 –T2

The testo 830-T2 IR thermometer enables you to carry out efficient, non-contact surface temperature measurements.

Testo 835 –T1

The practical infrared thermometer testo 835-T1 offers maximum safety and precision when measuring the temperature of smaller objects from a medium distance.

Portable with replaceable probess

Testo 735 – 2

Testo 735-2 multichannel temperature measuring instrument can master virtually any application for temperature measurements in the cosmetics, chemical, refrigeration industries.

EX- PT 720

High-precision, robust and easy to operate: the Ex-Pt 720 temperature measuring instrument means you can carry out temperature measurements in potentially explosive atmospheres through to zone 0 reliably and safely.

Testo 720

The testo 720 digital temperature meter is designed specifically for the special needs of laboratories and the industry and comes with a wide range of optional connectable sensors for surface temperature, air temperature and immersion measurements.

Testo 110

Cold storage rooms, cold storage warehouses, outdoors: the testo 110 digital temperature meter shows what it’s really made of when temperatures start to drop.

Testo 112

This temperature measuring instrument from Testo is approved for official control measurements carried out by food inspectors, assessors and authorities.

Testo 922

The testo 922 temperature meter is ideal for professional use in the fields of heating, plumbing and air conditioning for temperature measurements with up to three temperature sensors and direct display of temperature differences.

Testo 925

This temperature thermometer is particularly practical because it enables virtually any kind of temperature measurement.

Testo 104

The first folding waterproof food thermometer for the food sector – the testo 104!

Testo 104-IR

The testo 104-IR food safety thermometer allows you to carry out quick and reliable temperature and food safety checks in the course of your busy working day. Ideal for use in the food sector, restaurants and the retail industry.

Testo 108

The testo 108 digital food thermometer for measuring temperatures for super-fast spot checks and reliable results during food production, processing and storage.

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