NRP2 Power Meter

The compact, robust R&S®NRP2 base unit with color display supports up to four R&S®NRP-Zxx or NRPxxS/SN power sensors and all sensor-dependent measurement functions. Measured values are displayed numerically or graphically, depending on the measurement function.

NRP-Z Power Sensors

The R&S®NRP-Z211/R&S®NRP-Z221 two-path sensors with slightly modified dynamic range and performance are ideal for production applications. Due to their high video bandwidth, the R&S®NRP-Z8x wideband power sensors permit accurate time-domain analysis of the envelope power.

NRP18S-xx High-power Three-path Diode Power Sensors

The R&S®NRP18S-10, R&S®NRP18S-20 and R&S®NRP18S-25 high-power sensors consist of an R&S®NRP18S and an attenuator and are able to perform power measurements up to 2 W, 15 W and 30 W.

NRT-Z Power Sensors

The R&S®NRT-Zxx directional power sensors are self-contained measuring instruments. They can be connected directly to the R&S®NRT2 or, via the R&S®NRT-Z5 USB interface adapter, to the PC (communications via USB).

NRPxxT/TN Thermal Power Sensors

The R&S®NRP power meter sensors have long been recognized for delivering supreme precision and speed. The R&S®NRPxxT and R&S®NRPxxTN power sensors take power measurements to the next level.

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