Testo 606 -1

The testo 606-1 is a compact moisture meter that measures the moisture content in wood, walls and other surfaces and materials and fits snugly in any pocket.

Testo 608 H2

The testo 608-H2 thermo hygrometer with a large, easy-to-read display to measure the air temperature,humidity and dewpoint.

Testo 608 H1

The testo 608-H1 digital thermohygrometer enables you to have a continuous display of the current temperature and humidity values.

Testo 625

The testo 625 also calculates the dew point and wet bulb temperature quickly and accurately.

Testo 635 -1

The testo 635-1 for temperature and humidity measurement with its State-of-the-art technology and large selection of probes allows you to measure temperature, air humidity and dew point – in compressed air as well.

Testo 622

The testo 622 digital hygrometer and barometer is ideal for measuring air temperature, relative humidity and air pressure at once.

Portable with replaceable probess

Testo 645

The testo 645 humidity/temperature measuring instrument automatically indicates the measurement parameters of relative humidity, absolute humidity, dew point, degree of humidity, enthalpy and temperature at the touch of a button.

Testo 435-4

The testo 435-4 multifunction IAQ meter for all your IAQ/HVAC measurement needs– including pressure difference sensor for pitot static tube/ filter monitoring.

Testo 174 H1

The testo 174H mini data logger for temperature and humidity is your small and handy partner for climate monitoring which still also offers the same level of reliability.

Testo 176 H1

The data logger testo 176 H1 monitors temperature and humidity in warehouses and buildings.

Testo 535

The testo 535 CO2 meter comes with a permanently attached sensor and is designed specifically for measurement of CO2 and optimising the ambient air.

Testo 315 -2

Warn your customers before it becomes hazardous: use the testo 315-2 CO warning/measuring instrument to check the CO content in the ambient air and reliably detect even the smallest concentrations of this highly toxic gas.

Testo 315 -3

The high-quality testo 315-3 is an easy-to-use, ruggedly designed CO and CO2 monitor that enables you to carry out quick and reliable ambient measurements.

Testo 435 -2

The testo 435-2 indoor air quality meter allows you to carry out all the measurements that are necessary to check and adjust ventilation and air conditioning systems and assess the indoor air quality.

Testo 480

Air flow measurements in ducts, temperature measurements in laboratories, humidity measurements in production, pressure difference measurements in clean rooms.

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