HMC8012 Digital Multimeter

•Measurement range: DC to 100 kHz
•Resolution: 1 μV, 100 nA, 1 mΩ, 1 pF, 1 Hz, 0.1 °C/F •Basic accuracy: 0.015 % (DC)

HM8118 LCR Bridge/Meter

•Measurement range: 20 Hz to 200 kHz (69 steps) •Basic accuracy: 0.05 %
•Measurement rate: up to 12 values/s

HM8123 Universal Counter

•Measurement range: DC to 3 GHz
•Input A/B (BNC): DC to 200 MHz
•Input C (SMA): 100 MHz to 3 GHz
•Input impedance A/B: 50 Ω or 1 MΩ (switchable), sensitivity 25 mV

HMC8015 Power Analyzer

The R&S®HMC8015 power analyzer is the first compact tester for AC/DC load and standby current characterization that enables measurements without additional tools such as a computer or remote infrastructure.

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