Cable Locators / Route tracers

Easyloc is suitable for water, rail, gas, power, highways and telecommunication utilities and contractors and anyone who is proposing to engage in groundworks.

Cable Fault locators

The PFL Series of cable fault locators provide a versatile, portable solution for advanced identification, prelocation, and pinpointing of cable faults on a wide variety of cable types.

Insulation testers

Best Voltage-Load curve for wide range of resistance testing.

Earth Testers

Available in mod els based on Earth Testing methods like: Fall of potential method,Attached Rod Technique ,Stakeless method.

Loop and RCD testers

Non-Trip loop testing,RCD testing with wide range of trip current selection,Auto RCD testing feature (selected models only),Extremely easy and safe to use,Weather-proof.

Motor and generator testers

Complete phase-sequence and motor rotation testing in one instrument,Ensures correct phase hookup in one easy test,Rugged and portable tester.

Multifunction testers

Phase rotation indication for verification of rotation machines,Inbuilt feature of insulation testing and much more.

Multimeters and clamp meters

Useful range of rugged digital multimeters and clamp meters,Rugged design and construction for best utilization at site.

Portable applicance tester

Manual and automatic mode of operation,Bond testing at different current rating,Flash test,Insulation test.

Safety tester

Enable user to check if the electrical system is live or dead.They also show the phasing details of the same.

Low resistance meters

Small Size and weight thus portable,Auto current reversal (selected models),memory to store multiple test results,Unidirectional and bidirectional test feature.

Battery tester

Fast and easy measurements,All types of cells can be tested,Relatively inexpensive,Does not drain energy from the battery

Dielectric oil tester

Portable and most lightest in the world,Unique easy pour spout,Unique easy clean shape,Unique Test chamber drain.

Time Domain Reflectometer

Easy to use and portable,Non destructive tests,Useful in locating bridged taps,Locating splits and resplits.

Transformer Turns Ratio meter

Fully automatic , fast ,easy to use, handheld, robust, light weight,battery operated,Tests turns ratio, phase displacement, excitation current, winding resistance and polarity.

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