Testo 815

High-speed 20MS/s Multi-channel Memory Recorder Provides Simultaneous Data Acquisition Over 32 Analog + 32 Logic Channels

Testo 816-1

The dB meter testo 816-1 is suitable for noise level measurement at workplaces, in public places or also in industry and manufacturing.

Testo 460

For carrying out non-contact rpm measurements: the testo 460 RPM meter is ideal for RPM measurements on fans, crankshafts and motors.

Testo 465

You can use the testo 465 tachometer for quick and easy rpm measurement on rotating parts such as fans and shafts.

Testo 470

One digital tachometer, multiple measurements: The testo 470 RPM measuring instrument carries out rpm measurements on motors, shafts, fans, etc., but that’s not all.

Testo 476

Ideal for rpm measurement and for the inspection of parts moving at high frequencies: the testo 476 hand-held stroboscope with high-intensity light.

Testo 540

The testo 540 lux meter is a quick and easy-to-use entry level model designed for measuring lighting conditions in the workplace.

Testo 545

The testo 545 light meter allows you to measure the light intensity at the workplace quickly and easily – and to save the readings for future documentation and analysis.

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