Function & RF Signal Generators

Value Instruments arbitrary waveform and analog signal generators offer all kinds of test signals of various frequencies, power levels and modulation modes (AM, FM, φM, pulse, PWM, FSK, PSK) with a high dynamic range and spectral purity.

HMF2525/2550 Arbitrary Function Generator

•Frequency range: 10 μHz to 25/50 MHz
•Output voltage: 5 mV to 10 V (Vpp) (into 50 Ω),
DC offset: ±5 mV to 5 V
•Arbitrary waveform generator: 250 Msample/s, 14 bit, 256 kpoint

SMC100A Signal Generator

The analog R&S®SMC100A sets standards for attractively-priced signal generators. It has the smallest size and the best price/performance ratio in its class

SMA100B RF and Microwave Analog Signal Generator

SMA100B RF and microwave signal generator delivers maximum performance without compromise. It provides purest output signals while maintaining the highest output power level, far outpacing the competition.

SMA100A Signal Generator

Signal quality, speed and flexibility – these are the criteria by which signal generators are measured today. The R&S®SMA100A perfectly meets these criteria, and thus is a premium-class analog generator that sets standards due to its outstanding characteristics

SMB100A RF and Microwave Signal Generator

The compact, versatile R&S®SMB100A RF and microwave signal generator with a frequency range up to 40 GHz provides outstanding spectral purity and high output power. In addition, it features easy operation, comprehensive functionality and low cost of ownership

SMBV100A Vector Signal Generator

The R&S®SMBV100A offers excellent RF performance along with very high output level and short setting times. At the same time, the R&S®SMBV100A can be equipped with an internal baseband generator to allow generation of a number of digital standards (e.g. LTE, LTE-Advanced, IEEE802.11ac, GNSS)

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