Function & RF Signal Generators

Value Instruments arbitrary waveform and analog signal generators offer all kinds of test signals of various frequencies, power levels and modulation modes (AM, FM, φM, pulse, PWM, FSK, PSK) with a high dynamic range and spectral purity.

HMF Arbitrary Function Generator

Arbitrary waveform generator: 250 Msample/s, 14 bit, 256 kpoint

HM8134-3/HM8135 RF Synthesizer

Output power: –127 dBm/–135 dBm to +13 dBm

R&S®SMC100A Signal Generator

The analog R&S®SMC100A sets standards for attractively-priced signal generators. It has the smallest size and the best price/performance ratio in its class.

R&S®RTM2000 Digital Oscilloscope

The R&S®RTM2000 models with 200 MHz, 350 MHz, 500 MHz or 1 GHz bandwidth offer a maximum sampling rate of 5 Gsample/s and a maximum memory depth of 20 Msample.

R&S®RTE Digital Oscilloscope

A single instrument that can observe waveforms like an oscilloscope and record RMS value fluctuations

R&S®RTO Digital Oscilloscope

R&S®RTO oscilloscopes combine excellent signal fidelity, high acquisition rate and the world's first realtime digital trigger system with a compact device format in the 600 MHz to 4 GHz class.

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