Digital Oscilloscopes

From a 50 MHz entry-class mixed signal oscilloscope to a 4 GHz high-performance digital oscilloscope, each Value Instruments oscilloscope offers unique benefits

RTO2000 Digital Oscilloscopes

RTO oscilloscopes combine excellent signal fidelity, up to 16-bit vertical resolution and high acquisition rate in a compact device format in the 600 MHz to 6 GHz class.

RTE1000 Digital Oscilloscopes

Truly uncompromised in performance and impressively user friendly - that's the R&S®RTE1000 Digital Oscilloscopes. Bandwidth models: 200 MHz to 2 GHz

RTC 1000 Digital Oscilloscopes

Bandwidth: 50 MHz to 300 MHz,Max. sample rate: 2 Gsample/s,Max. memory depth: 2 Msample,MSO: 8 digital channels, optional, retrofittable,Pattern generator: 4-bit patterns up to 50 Mbit/s

RTM 3000 Digital Oscilloscopes

Bandwidth: 100 MHz to 1GHz,Sample rate: up to 5 Gsample/s,Memory depth: up to 80 Msample,ADC resolution: 10-bit,Display: 10.1'' capacitive touchscreen

RTB2000 Digital Oscilloscopes

Power of ten (10-bit ADC, 10 Msample memory and 10.1" touchscreen) combined with smart operating concepts make the R&S®RTB2000 digital oscilloscope the perfect tool for university and laboratories

Scope Rider Handheld Digital Oscilloscopes

When debugging embedded devices in the lab or analyzing complex problems in the field, the R&S®Scope Rider offers the performance and capabilities of a lab oscilloscope as well as the form factor and ruggedness of a battery-operated handheld device.

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