Testo 174 T set

The testo 174T mini data logger for temperature is your practical support for continuous temperature measurement.

Testo 175 T1

The testo 175 T1 temperature data logger is ideal for monitoring storage temperatures and long-term monitoring.

Testo 175 T2

The temperature data logging with testo 175 T2 is ideally suited if you want to use single instrument to monitor air temperature and at the same time record additional temperature value on a second channel.

Testo 175 T3

The temperature logger testo 175 T3 with two connections for external thermocouple probes is ideal for recording temperatures at two locations.

Testo 176 T3

The testo 176 T3 data logger for temperature measurement is ideal for monitoring temperature values in production processes.

Testo 176 T4

The testo 176 T4 temperature data logger can measure the temperature at upto four different measurement sites simultaneously.

Testo 175H1

Testo 175 H1 is designed to carry out reliable long-term measurements and log these crucial values for you.

Testo 176T1

The testo 176 T1 data logger monitors the temperature, even in extreme conditions, with a highly accurate Pt100 temperature sensor. It is able to precisely document the temperature status over a longer period of time.

Testo 184G1

Transport Logger for Shock-Sensitive Goods

Testo 184H1

USB data logger testo 184 H1 for temperature and humidity, unlimited operating duration thanks to exchangeable battery


USB data logger testo 184 T2 for temperature, operating duration 150 days


USB data logger testo 184 T4 for temperature, unlimited re-use thanks to exchangeable battery.

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