Cordex Instruments (UK)

CORDEX (UK) is the recognised world leader in manufacture of Intrinsically safe Instrumentation,NDT Inspection devices and Lighting solutions. Cordex instruments & Lighting units are specifically created for safe use in hazardous environments across sectors like Oil & Gas, Mining, Pharma, Chemicals & Fertilisers etc. Cordex innovations includes the world’s first and only full featured Intrinsically safe Thermal Imaging Camera.

Infrared Camera

At CorDEX it is our goal to design, test and manufacture the safest, most rugged radiometric infrared cameras available. Not only are all of our cameras designed tested to withstand multiple sub zero (-20C) 1m drops onto concrete, our infrared cameras hold as a minimum an IP54 Ingress Protection rating.

Infrared IR Windows

Our range of SMART Infrared IR Windows protect your equipment, your plant and your personnel. CorDEX SMART Infrared IR Windows are used to perform fast and safe infrared surveys of electrical equipment across all industry sectors.

Digital Cameras

At CorDEX we believe in the phrase "a picture says a thousand words". Whether it be a thermal image or a high resolution digital image, our cameras are designed to save you time and money, while keep you safe.

Test & Measurement

Your working environment is tough, that's why you need our tools. At CorDEX we make accurate measurement simple, no matter what, our tools are rugged, safe and simple to operate, even in the most demanding environments.


Power, Longevity and Flexibility at your fingertips with the GENESIS, intrinsically safe lighting solutions from CorDEX. Using the interchangeable, smart battery pack, GENESIS can remain in the hazardous location as long as you require, providing 400 lumens of light for a virtually indefinite period.

Ready to get started

If you are interested in using one of our products, such as a HIOKI (Japan), TESTO (Germany), MEGGER (UK), Rhode & Schwarz (Germany), EMCO HIGH VOLTAGE (USA), Cordex (UK),enArka we invite you to Request a Free Quote.