Testo 410 -2

Ideal anemometer for air velocity measurement at ventilation grilles (air outlets) and for inspecting air conditions – also outdoors.

Testo 416

Air flow meter with a fixed vane probe – ideal for carrying out air flow measurements in air ducts thanks to the extendable telescope.

Testo 417

The testo 417 vane anemometer allows you to carry out quick and precise air flow measurements at air inlets and outlets

Testo 425

The functional testing of ventilation and air conditioning systems includes monitoring the flow speed in ventilation ducts.

Testo 521 -3

The testo 521-3 high-precision differential pressure measuring instrument easily determines even the smallest differential pressures (up to +2.5 hPa).

Testo 435 -1

The testo 435-1 multi-function measuring instrument enables you to carry out measurements which are needed to test air conditioning systems and to assess air quality.

Testo 445

You can keep a close eye on indoor air quality with the testo 445 climate measuring instrument: the allrounder can measure up to 6 parameters (with the appropriate probe), which can help you make a professional assessment of indoor air quality.

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